wow is this the social media purge?

I realize LJ is last century and all the cool kids hang out in Tumblr, and I realized I'm not a cool kid anymore and I decided instead to try this thing called real life, it actually worked out very nicely? But I do miss my old friends! Now that suddenly Tumblr is no longer cool enough for the cool kids I hear everyone's migrating to either Twitter or Dreamwidth? I'm kind of glad that Dreamwidth is picking up on popularity because I much preferred the LJ-format of communicating with people. It was all about actually talking with one another and having an organized way of archiving content. Tumblr was always quite a mess and you never knew exactly where to look.

I made a Dreamwidth a long time ago though I had no idea it might be relevant years down the line. It's the same username: https://cherrytruck.dreamwidth.org

My Twitter won't be very active but it's @cherrytrucku (added the u at the end because cherrytruck was already taken...)

While I won't claim to suddenly be active and lively there, I guess these will be more of my main primary places to reach out to me if you do want to catch up and say hello! I've also kept my deviantArt open and still check it time to time.

Don't reach out to me on Tumblr though. If I haven't deleted that mess of a profile by the time this has been posted then at the very least it will likely be completely abandoned.
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Liar! Uncover the Truth: Liar 7 Review and Thoughts [Semi-Spoilers]

Oh man. This episode.

I'm not sure where to begin, so let's just get right to it... I won't reveal the name of the 7th Liar nor who the contenders are (although if you read the previous posts you'll know who the last five men are) and I'll try to keep my thoughts vague enough to not COMPLETELY give it away, but obviously I may end up revealing a few bits here and there so read at your own discretion!

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Liar! Uncover the Truth: Liar 6 Review and Thoughts [Semi-Spoilers]

Uh? Semi-spoilers? Well, that's because I figured if you've been reading up to this point then either you're a previous player interested to hear what others thought (in that case, feel free to discuss below as long as you tag your stuff with a spoiler alert!) or you're just checking it out because you're interested in the game and want to check out what it's like before downloading/paying. I've thouroughly enjoyed this game thus far and don't wish to ruin the experience for passers by, so I'm leaving the last five men a mystery and not going to reveal who they are! But I will talk about my thoughts and reactions.

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Liar! Uncover the Truth: Liar 4 Review and Thoughts [Spoilers]

I’m having such a blast with this game! I wasn’t expecting to be THIS excited about it, but the over the top crimes that these guys commit has been making me laugh my socks off so far! Howver, things start to get serious from here on. At the same time, I’ve started to bond with guys who look like our relationship could actually be going somewhere - but the more Liars that get knocked out, the more I get uncertain which of the ‘nice’ guys will be the next to get called out…

Spoilers for everything up to Liar 4!

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Liar! Uncover the Truth: Liar 2 Review and Thoughts [Spoilers]

This game continues to get interesting and fun. We’ve got another guy lined up for elimination, and I was not disappointed with this episode at all! So far this has been the most dramatic, shocking and yet hilarious episode thus far, and I loved every minute of it!

Spoilers for the story up to Liar 2 incoming, of course!

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Liar! Uncover the Truth: Liar 1 Review and Thoughts [Spoilers]

Oh man. When I downloaded Liar! Uncover the Truth I was expecting it to be discovering Jerry Springer-tier scandals about these guys and commencing ridiculous drama after calling them out. I wasn’t wrong there, but this game uses the 1st Liar chapter to seriously show you how ridiculous it’s willing to get and that it’s not shy about anything!

Read on if you don’t mind spoilers for the 1st Liar...

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