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I forgot that I forgot to sort my LJ out...basically I was supposed to do a rehaul and reorganize my posts but now I forgot how LJ works again and this is going to be a pain in the butt to sort everything out again. I didn't delete my posts, just set them to private.

Well happy 2017 if anyone's still reading! Also I need a new theme

Emerald Origins is now out!
Xiahou Dun

(click on the pic for Tumblr post for more screenshots!)


The game is out! HOORAY! I'm sure nobody even reads my LJ but I might as well post it here for completion's sake
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Introduction Post


That means about half of what I post here will be viewable only if I've added you as a friend. You want to know what secret plan to steal the moon or new OC DONT STAEL I'm working on? Then you must go through a trial to test the bonds of your friendship and your strength by going through challenges within Takeshi's castle. Can you be friendzoned without the aid of a fedora and only through the power of your mind? More details on that later.

About me: I'm Cherry, and I like sweets. If you know me then it's probably either for my art, writing or game projects. Outside the internet I'm better known as a student in the sonic figthing academy club where I will lern to b the best sonic

If you want to know a bit more about me you can always look here. Also there's still stuff I post in public so you're welcome to browse! If you're just interested in my works you can find them here:

Art: Tumblr | DeviantArt | Pixiv
Fics: Archive Of Our Own

RPG Maker project blog

My other Tumblr
Youtube (honestly I never use this but I do sometimes post some music remixes and game stuff)

Nintendo FC: 4914-5534-8147
Secret Base Code

If somehow you're still reading this and want to sign an artificial treaty on LJ then please do comment here! However if I already know you chances are I'll be the first one to add so you can enter my WELCOME TO MY TWISTED MiNd



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